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The Alliance of Writers
was supported by the generosity of participants and sponsors. In the past, members received perks from local businesses supporting the group.




The Alliance of Writers thanks the following businesses and sponsors for their previous support. Since changing format in 2004 we no longer offer membership. The membership card carrier benefits included:

  • Book & Bean Bookstore: 10% discount on purchases
  • Edelweiss Books: 10% discount on non-sale, non-magazine/newspaper purchases
  • UPS Store: Seven cent self-serve copies and 10% discount on Fed Ex/UPS air services
  • Barter Books: 10% discount on purchases
  • Del Lago's Coffee, Books & Music: 10% discount on non-sale, non-magazine/newspaper purchases
  • Coffee Press Restaurant: 15% discount
  • La Bamba Restaurant: 15% discount
  • Diana L. Guerrero: Access to writing library of over 70 books on the craft of writing
  • Guest author events twice a month, and first chance for tickets to special writing activities.
  • Library Access
Poets & Writers
generously provided grants for guest authors conducting programs for the Alliance of Writers.
Financial contributions go to cover Alliance expenses, provide honorariums, and support the Big Bear Valley Friends of the Library.  
  In addition to book sales, guest authors often receive a small stipend through grants and direct sponsorships.