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  Join our author and writer events for fun, informative, and worthwhile sessions! Fees and dates are announced if applicable. Check out the comments on the magazine writing workshop and fiction writing workshop. Sponsors welcomed!

Brown Bags: Join selected authors for a one day focused writing workshop with a lunch break. Limited enrollment for a cozy, close interactive session. Bring a brown bag lunch!

Literary Lunch: If you missed the sell out literary tea last year, you won't want to miss these fabulous author events! One day (or evening) event.
Book Fair, Mountain Muse Writing Workshops, Passion for Poetry Practicum.....all coming 2004 & 2005!
Creative Circles: These intimate invitation only gatherings pair like ability and experience for dynamic feedback and networking. Forming now!
Writer's Networking Potluck Mixers

How to Write Magazine articles that sell

Join instructor (writer and editor) Rita Robinson and facilitator Diana L. Guerrero for a dynamic workshop designed to take your magazine writing to a new level.

This is a hands-on writing workshop that gives the basics of selling an article from start to finish. You will receive handouts, practice techniques, and learn about:

1. the idea, and what to do with it
2. the difference between a subject and a topic
3. the magazines
4. slants
5. formulating an anecdote
6. writing a lead
7. writing a theme
8. writing a body paragraph
9. writing an ending
10. writing a query letter
11. rejections
12. rights

This is a brown bag symposium and fundraiser. Please bring a brown bag lunch.

About the Instructor: Rita Robinson is a former health and psychology reporter, now full-time writer with more than 1,000 articles in magazines on four continents, and author of 11 books. You can view her books and order them here.

Keep scrolling for comments!
"I enjoyed the "roundtable" fashion of the class. Rita is a very dynamic instructor that conveys a genuine love and enthusiasm for the writing craft."
JH, California
"The content was very interesting and helpful. I really liked Rita's personable style. She was very informative in a casual, easy going manner."
KM, California
"The most interesting part of the presentation was the usage of anecdotes and other ways to "tell a story" to make it more interesting for my readers. Rita was great, easy to follow and gracious in every way."
DS, California
Keep your eyes out for our upcoming teleseminar courses! Now location and travel will no longer be an issue--just pick up the phone and you are there.
"The magazine writing workshop was dynamic in many ways, but I found the interactive processes to be the most stimulating and thought provoking. Next, I would say the answers to the questions posed by the attendees were invaluable. The diversity of backgrounds made for great exchanges and dialog."
DG, California

"Writing Fiction--Taking the Plunge"

Join instructor (writer and editor) Mike Foley and facilitator, Diana L. Guerrero for a workshop designed to take your fiction to a new level.

The second of our brown bag symposiums, this writing workshop covers all the basics of fiction writing. Novice or veteran writers will take home a wealth of information. If you have not experienced Mr. Foley's guidance before-- you certainly will not want to miss this!

Topics to be covered include:

and more!

You'll receive valuable handouts and writing exercises, learn tips on submitting material, handling rejection and more. This event begins at 10am. You'll have a break for lunch and then get back to work. Instruction ends at 3pm, but you'll want to continue networking after!

This is a brown bag symposium and fundraiser. Please bring a brown bag lunch.

About the Instructor: Mike Foley works as a journalist, freelance writer and editor. With a wide variety of experience and over 700 published works, he has a wealth of knowledge to share. He runs Writer's Review (a critique service), teaches writing for the UC-Riverside Extension, and conducts writing retreats.

The class was focused, well organized and fun!
CS, California
"All very useful info. From 10am-3pm I was never bored!"
DK, California
"The intimate atmosphere was very comfortable."
CH, California
"This fast paced class covered everything I've been curious about. I can't wait to implement the techniques into my writing!"
DL, California

"Foley is a down-to-earth instructor. This veteran scribe and professional editor brings years of experience to this workshop condensing it into steps to insure your success. His clear explanations and innovative processes enable you so skills learned bump your writing into a higher level. If you want to learn tidbits that will strengthen your writing then this seminar is a MUST. Even non-fiction writers will benefit greatly--the process is fun and painless!"
DG, California


Cover Your Assets: Secrets to Success After Your Book Is Published

Learn the secrets behind successful book sales and promotions. Get inside tips relevant for after your book is published. This interactive session will answer your
questions and reveal:

• What you can expect from your publisher/publishing partner
• Bookseller basics and alternative markets
• How to insure you reap an income in between royalty statements.

About the Instructor: Guerrero is the founder and faciliator of the Alliance of Writers, a mixed genre writing group. She is also a professional member of the California Writers Club. In addition to her work as a full-time writer and speaker, she hosts and conducts writing workshops and groups. Diana is an international columnist, the author of three books and hundreds of published magazine articles.

"Very eye-opening...would definately attend her next appearance."
AP, Ontario
"Lots of usable information and the TRUTH about publishing." MTC, Upland
"I got a clearer picture of what is involved in putting myself forward as an author."
KC, Redlands
"An engrossing presentation...on the money for any writer."
RC, Fontana

Meet Your Muse!

Unlock your creativity during this interactive session with author and writing group facilitator, Diana L. Guerrero. You will discover and share:

o Methods to call on your muse
o How to nourish your creative self
o Practical tips for success.

Delve deep into the flow of the creative process during this exciting new program.

About The Instructor: Guerrero is an adventurous and innovative pioneer who consults and lectures nationally on creativity, writing, and related topics. She is the founder and facilitator of the Alliance of Writers, a mixed genre writing group. Guerrero produces several writing events and teleseminars annually and publishes The Alliance of Writers Internet site features writing workshops, activities, tips and resources for both novice and veteran writers.

"You will find this speaker in our writer's speaker bureau!"
"Really good to see--high energy speaker."
GW, Fontana
"A lively, interesting speaker." SU, Ontario