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The Alliance of Writers
is an active writing group composed of both novice
and veteran writers.




The Alliance of Writers was founded in November of 2000. Diana Guerrero had one goal, to alleviate her cabin fever. She wanted to get out, meet, mingle, and commiserate with other writers.

Local writers began meeting in a small coffee house in the heart of the village area of Big Bear Lake, California. Writers tore themselves away from their keyboards for an hour and a half of social and professional camaraderie.

After a year, the group moved to a quaint little bookstore. Guest speakers and authors began coming in between feedback sessions and goal setting. Potlucks were held in honor of the authors whose books were being signed, and word spread about the friendly group of writers.

Since those humble beginnings, the group has developed into a large community attracting participants from Santa Barbara, Orange Country, San Diego and the desert. Special literary teas, writer workshops, book fairs, and other writing events are held.

The chapter groups were composed of serious writers, some published and some not. Everyone writes. The genres are unlimited: mystery, fantasy, children, nonfiction, poetry, short-stories, journalism, academic, fiction, romance, screenwriting and more!

In 2004 Guerrero moved the Alliance of Writers groups into a new direction and expanded into a second chapter. The group hosted authors and conducted special events several times a year instead of meeting weekly under the guidance of a facilitator. The online community began in 2005 and today most of the members are working writers who work with their editors or with a writing partner.

Guerrero and other writers do offer workshops and encourage you to visit the news area for activities. If you would like to host a meeting contact Guerrero now.

Alliance of Writers Speaker Rita S. Robinson
Guest authors visited regularly to share their books and tips on the craft. Workshop fee structures can be found in the ecommerce and event sections of this site.